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Sign Up Genius is a website and service that makes organizing events and managing sign-ups for those events significantly easier. When used right, the site creates a perfect one-stop-shop that allows you to easily manage all of your event's sign-ups. 

Sign Up Genius boasts the ability to use a wide array of features. Chief among them is the ability to create sign-up forms for any event, including parties, conferences, meetings, and more. Users don't have to make accounts before signing up for an event - they can just type in their name, click a few buttons, and you are set. Additionally, other features are available, including group messaging, analytics, and the ability to take payments. Some of these features are completely free, although you do have to pay for more advanced features.

Reviewers have noted a high amount of satisfaction with the program since its core services are so easy to use. The service is highly mobile-friendly, so you can use it from either your program or a phone. 

The program's light critiques include more detail-oriented issues. Signing up multiple people for multiple events can be a challenge, and the initial set-up for an event can be somewhat complicated. Furthermore, the program does have a ton of features, but truly getting the most out of Sign Up Genius can be challenging precisely because it does have so much to offer. Users should do what they can to familiarize themselves with the program and how to use it. This can be time-consuming, although it does truly help you better understand the program.


  • Makes signing up for large events a breeze.
  • Contains a huge number of features.
  • Particularly easy to use for participants, who can sign up for events and receive Emails about the event - including reminders - without having to create an account or pay.


  • The program needs increased flexibility and options to use. 
  • The program offers so much that it can get complicated to ensure that you are truly understanding all of its various features.
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